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Hey, I'm Sarah!

Company Founder | Closet Editor-in-Chief |
Personal Shopper | Lead Stylist

In addition to all the roles you see above, my all-time favorite titles are “Wife” and “Mom.” From career women to stay-at-home moms, I understand how difficult it can be to strike a balance in life. Helping women do just that really fuels my passion for organization and wardrobe creation. But the inspiration behind Styled By The Wave goes much deeper than that…

“I’m on a personal mission to end the phrase ‘I have nothing to wear’ by teaching women how to maximize both their closet and their confidence.”

Whether it’s decluttering your closet, personal shopping or styling fresh new looks with the pieces you already own, a newfound confidence with clothing is just a session away.

from clutter to clarity

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a love for fashion. Not only did I live out my toddler years playing dress up in my mom’s closet, but by the age of 10, I had my own sewing machine and designed a series of elaborate tops and bags with ALL the bling.

On the other side of that same coin, I was a competitive gymnast for 18 years (Go Gym Dawgs!) and struggled with more than my fair share of disordered eating and warped body image. It’s impossible to hide inside a leotard.

It's been a journey to learn to love my body through the ups and downs, the good and the tough, the weight fluctuations and the different seasons of life. I found that I feel most confident when I can style an outfit that makes me feel like the best version of myself – highlighting the things I like best about my body and camouflaging those I don’t.

Before long, I became known as the fashion guru of my friend group. Many fashion advice-fueled shopping trips and outfit feedback sessions with my tribe soon grew into referrals. A big bang moment in my life has since inspired a business I love. To create Styled By The Wave, I’ve combined my innate understanding of fashion with my affinity for organization and visual merchandising. In doing so, I’m making a life out of helping women shop for looks, style outfits, organize their wardrobes, celebrate their bodies and feel like the best versions of themselves. I look forward to adding YOU to my friend list!

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Why The Wave?

I often get asked “What is the meaning behind ‘Styled By The Wave’?”

In addition to fashion, I also have a deep love for the water. My happy place would be aboard a sailing yacht destined for some distant shore with the ones I love. How fitting that I would marry a man who gave me the last name “Sailors”!

I find waves symbolized virtually everywhere–including in the ebb and flow of life AND in the shape of a woman’s body. Just like no two waves are exactly alike, no two bodies are the same. When we gaze upon the ocean, we look to each wave that rolls in with the same amount of love, awe and wonder – no matter its size or shape. I believe we should celebrate all bodies in the same way.

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If Sarah decides it's not for me, where does it go?

You can rest assured that any gently used clothes removed from your closet will go to the church, local homeless shelter or charity of your own choosing. I can either drop your donations off on your behalf and provide you with a receipt for your tax records or you can take them yourself and get all the good feels that come from helping others while giving your clothes a second life.




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5 Items to Thrift Instead of Buy New

5 Items to Thrift Instead of Buy New

Say Yes To The Rehearsal Dinner Dress

Say Yes To The Rehearsal Dinner Dress

I recently had my closet revamped by Sarah and am still so impressed with the difference in my closet! Sarah helped me get rid of and donate so many of my old and out of style clothes that I never wear. She also came up with the most amazing outfits with the items I already had that I never would have thought of!! Even though I technically had less clothes in the end I feel like I have way more actual outfits to wear. Sara also recommended some other items that will work well with what I have that I’m super excited to purchase. Overall, Sarah totally transformed my closet and I think every closet needs her touch!

Melissa, C.

"Five stars! Sarah helped me pack for a four-day trip to NYC. Not only did I have an abundance of cool outfits, she helped me cut down on my extensive overpacking habit. Thx Sarah!"

Kelly, M.

"Sarah is always my go to when it comes to anything fashion related. She is always so helpful when it comes to pairing an outfit whether it’s shopping for something new or working with things I already own. I have loved how The Wave gives helpful tips and trends that boost your confidence."

Haley, S.
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