November 10, 2021

5 Items to Thrift Instead of Buy New

5 Items to Thrift Instead of Buy New

  • Vintage Denim. The key here is patience. You have to sift through the racks to find some gems. And, I promise, the gems do exist! Skip over the acid or super dark washes. Look for timeless washes instead. High waisted, straight leg fits are a bonus but vintage shopping is also an opportunity to find a unique pair that fits your personality. So have some fun with it!
  • Flannel Button Downs. There are plenty of splurge worthy flannels to shop online. And even more inexpensive, fast fashion options. But if you want something different, look for your next flannel in your local thrift store. Shop for a piece that’s oversized, still vibrant in color and don’t forget to check the men’s section, too!
  • Designer Accessories. Shopping for second hand designer pieces is both practical and fun. You can often find much more unique designs from a vintage shop rather than shopping directly from the designers site. Plus, there may be an opportunity for a price negotiation. But be cautious of fakes! Always make sure to shop from reputable sellers of authentic pieces.
  • Cool Coats. Some of the coolest coats exist on the racks of your local vintage shop. From a classic trench to an epic fur, there is something for everyone and every budget. If you’re lucky, the shop that sourced it may be able to tell you the coats story or a fun fact about the piece. And who doesn’t love wearing a conversation starter that actually has its own story?
  • Statement Pieces. The best way to be asked, “where did you get that?!” is to scour the thrift shop for one-of-a-kind pieces. Try pairing your statement piece with on trend accessories to bring the look together.

Where to Shop

Agora Vintage, Athens, GA

Dynamite Athens, Athens, GA

Goodwill, Nationwide

ThredUp, Online

The Real Real, Online 

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